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Easy Homemade Cashew Milk


½cup of cashews
4-5 cups of water


nut-milk bag or fine meshed strainer
bowl/jar to strain milk into


Pre-soak the cashews over night but at least for several hours; rinse them, put them in the blender, add the water and blend until smooth. No straining needed since the cashews are very soft. Even with a blender which is not that powerful like a highspeed blender you’ll still get a good result. 

Instead of the cashews you can use almonds, hazelnuts or any other nuts. Those you have to strain. I use a nut-milk bag. After blending hold your nut-milk bag over a bowl, pour the milk into the back slowly. You will not be able to pour it all at once, do it in batches, squeezing the milk from the bag with your hands. Repeat until all milk has strained.

You can store the milk in your fridge up to 5 days. You smell it when it went bad. Homemade milk dosn’t last as long as store bought since it dosn’t contain any additives.

Enjoy your nutmilk in your coffee, smoothie, cereal or pure!


soak cashews

Cup of milk

Add milk and cashews to blender


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