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My love affair with Mr. Pilates

How I fell in love with Mr. Pilates? Fast, profound and lasting. After reading an article in a magazine, studying some books explaining his method, I decided that’s it! 

I began studying his method,  took the education to become a teacher and started my business besides my main job until I could live from teaching. That’s all about it. It took time, discipline and effort, but I never lost the energy or my belief that I could do it.

Over the years I became more and more interested into his work, into sports in general, into health, into everything what was connected with a healthy lifestyle. Evolving from Pilates to sports and nutrition and finally to an holistic approach towards life I realized I can inspire others, I can make a difference, I can  show another way, I can help others! But mind you, it is a long journey and still keeps going.

Pilates, sport, nutrition, Yoga, a holistic healthy lifestyle are are the pillars of my business.  They helped me to find my personal fittest self, they made me feel alive – hence I named my business “ALIVE”. I can’t imagine a better way to wake up in the morning as alive and excited for life.

Mr. Pilates and his method inspired me so much that now I can inspire others. It was my first step to more awareness to my body, my mind, my whole life. I’m very happy and grateful to have stumbled over Mr. Pilates

 Everyone is the architect of their own happiness 
– Joseph Pilates

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